Snow Day


I posted a blog yesterday that you may have read. It was about my morbid interest in my own premature death. It made someone I care for very upset so i deleted it. Just in case you were wondering. I realize that some of what I think is funny…is not funny to everyone. I am sorry about that.

This morning I woke up in bed with Clay and Kelly. At 6am Clay was smacking me in the head. “And good morning to you too”, I thought. We did the hanging out in the living room thing, playing thing, and then I got showered and dressed. Ed came over to give me acupuncture. It felt so purposeful and necessary. I always feel like with acupuncture i can say here fix me! And a lot of the time it works. While I was getting needled and moxaed I let myself relax. More than I have recently. I let myself feel good about what we were doing. Acupuncture always feels like a step in the right direction for me. Not as a cure for cancer but as a way to address my symptoms. I was very sleepy and sore Monday and Tuesday so feeling good today was a gift.

Speaking of gifts. Cindy and I went shopping. Well first to Ida Mae’s for cranberry cream cheese stuffed french toast ( amazing!!!) I ate half a portion. Then to the bank downtown. There is a bank in my neighborhood but apparently they can not read. I say this because they told me that they can not deposit checks from Canada. Seriously, the branch in my neighborhood acted like the check was written in crayon and said it would take 6 to 8 weeks to cash and would cost $75. I said give me back the check. So Cindy and I headed to a finer part of town where the employees of said branch can find Canada on the map. And they deposited said check today and said the funds would be available immediately since my account was in good standing. I made several jokes about the other branch…the teller said I was funny. I do not hate bank tellers! Just the ones in Fishtown. I hope they all cry in their ramen noodles at night while watching dancing with the stars. I also hope at my funeral none of you has the nerve to go on about what a nice person I am…bah humbug.

So then we decided to head to the only place we could think of to buy a coat…The Cherry Hill mall. We did not find me a coat. I am still wearing the sweatshirt/jean jacket ensemble through the winter that I should have retired in the 11th grade. I felt very under dressed for the swankiness of suburban America. Thank God I was with Cindy so at least I was in a mini van with modern features. While we were in Kohl’s I spotted a really cool foot massager. Cindy liked it but commented she did not have time for such things. “I do”, I said. “I sit around all the time. It’s one of the perks of cancer!” The older woman behind me did not think that was funny and she said, hush you should not say that! She chastised me! I said “It’s my cancer I will say whatever I want”. I should have said, “that Jesus is the reason for the season sweatshirt you have on is hideous”, but I refrained since it is Christmas and all. I wonder if she was ever a bank teller.

So now I am home and about to take a nap before my kids get home. I am sorry for anyone I have offended with my irreverence. I am also sorry to the bank tellers.

Ho Ho Ho Andrea

5 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. leah tartaglia says:

    you know sometimes it helps to make light of situations that you don’t want to be in. you have every right to say whatever you want about your condition. when jo jo got his make a wish, my brother (who never even bothered with us during our situation) was like wow how did you get to do that? (go to california and meet mike myers) and i said my kid got cancer, he was pissed but you know what? it was the truth, why do we sugar coat the truth? sometimes the truth hurts and the people who YOU care about maybe you don’t want to offend but everyone else? screw them! strangers in stores psh, they shouldn’t listen to your conversation, and it’s rude of them to comment on it. you are right it’s your cancer and you can say what you want! Andrea i love you the way you are if people think bad or whatever of you, you are you take the good with the bad, don’t ever change for anyone
    let me know if you need me for more meals : )

  2. This was a great post! You have a great sense of humor!

    I also agree with you on acupuncture. I find it highly beneficial in helping with stress and symptoms and just love the relaxing nature of it. It has been a big strength to me, I’m glad you enjoy it as well!

  3. joshua says:

    i liked that last post, too.

    i doubt that your restraint at malls will last much longer! you’re a crackup!

  4. Lyn says:

    I think that some bank tellers do it on purpose…they know that they branch on the other side of the city will do the work that they are too lazy??? to do…. so they make stuff up…banks are funny…like why do you need everyones signature to open a joint account but only one to close it??? Im with ya on the bank teller thing… I can’t believe that someone actually “hushed” you…. that is hilarious….
    Wish that I could be in Philly for the hellcat party….cannot, but thoughts and prayers will be there! xo Lyn

  5. Mo Hayes says:

    Your irreverence is only a model for my own 🙂 I love it and I love you. I only have the internet once a week, but I wanted to let you know I’m still reading. I wish I could age myself 7 months so that I could be at the benefit tomorrow but, I’ll have to wait i guess. Love you, love you, love everyone, hope to see you sometime soon. 🙂