The Day After


I was supposed to be on the radio this morning. Mostly in an attempt to promote the benefit that Paul Green School of Rock is doing for us on New Year’s Eve day. But I was going to be deemed woman of the week on WBEN fm and I was looking forward to it. But I never got a special number to call so I was trying the request lines, which are typically busy with people making requests. I finally got through when they were done talking about me. I was so disappointed. They told me they will do something on ( click on the picture of me for the full story!) about me too. But alas it is not the same.

Originally they asked me to drive out to Bala Cynwyd to be in studio. I just thought there was no way I could get up the day after a major holiday and provide coherent conversation. I am sure I was correct, because yesterday was a whirlwind of presents, food, sugar, and over stimulation. I did get something of Christmas Miracle in that I felt better than I had in previous days. Thanks to immodium and compazine. And probaly a lot of people who pray for me.

The kids are of so many different ages that Christmas is really different for everyone. I think Alec initially thought he may have gotten less. But then I pointed out that he got some of his presents before Christmas. And he got some more expensive items as well. The Breathing Room Foundation also bought my kids gifts. Tons of them, so when he opened a book they bought for him called punk365 he was stoked. It is a photographic history of punk rock from 1972 to 1982 (I think). We were all really into it. Alec seemed happy enough to spend a little time with us, although he frequently slipped the ipod on while in the same room. A move that we tried to explain to him is not cool.

Jesse was totally happy and laid back (as always). He was pretty happy with everything and was just into checking things out. The twins got some cool things that drew their attention for the rest of the day. And Bailey made out like a bandit. Christmas probaly has the most meaning to Bailey. And she got a lot of stuff. Not necessarily from us, from everyone. We bought her some cool things she likes. But so did the Breathing Room (bedding, Gap clothing, ID bracelet, books about fashion) and then Ori and Kristen came over and she got even more cool stuff. It was a non stop present fest for Bailey. Clayton got only a few things but everything either makes noise or talks to him. Except the $7 tent Kelly bought him that he retreated to frequently yesterday to hide from tickle-me cookie monster.

I thought a lot yesterday about how I want to have many more Christmas’s with my children and family and friends. Kelly is very inclined to think I will. My dear friend Alaina was diagnosed more than 4 years ago and she is doing great. I try to hold onto this hope like a life preserver in the middle of the big black cancer ocean. I am holding on for dear life muttering to myself “Alaina has lived this long…Amy has lived this long…”. With this cancer that’s where my hope comes from. The health of other women with my disease. And this Christmas, 4 years later, Alaina was happy at home with her children so I hope that four years from now that will be me.

And this Christmas was lovely. I managed to cook a nice dinner. Not my best but good enough. I managed to make the apple crisp for breakfast and that was great. And I was upright all day. And in a relatively good mood. I will be posting more about Paul Green’s benefit in the next day or so. It will be an amazing event. And if you heard the thing on Ben fm this morning let me know. I hope you all had a lovely holiday. Peace

5 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. debi says:

    Happy Day After Christmas Andrea. I am sorry that you didn’t have your special number. I hate thinking you had to be disappointed. But then you told us about a great Christmas day and I feel happy. I believe you will be cooking up many more Christmas dinners. I don’t know you but it is easy to feel your strength through your words. As always I pray for you. love, debi

  2. joshua says:

    great interview!

  3. shari says:

    Hi from Santa Rosa…I am so happy you were able to enjoy your family on Christmas. You were on my mind all day and we prayed that you would have the strength to participate in the celebration. Thank you for this blog, your strength in difficult times is inspiring. I have a feeling you will be celebrating many Christmas’ to come! God Bless and know that we are all pulling for you.

  4. crystal says:

    i just read your story in phoenix arizonia newspaper you go girl your awesome and a real inspiration!!!! god bless you and your family

  5. Jan says:

    I read about you in the Bismarck, North Dakota newspaper today. It was a wonderful article, and you sound like a really great gal with a wonderful family and close friends. I’m a BC survivor of eighteen years. I had stage three infiltrating cancer with many positive lymph nodes. My children were quite young at the time, and I was so worried I wouldn’t be around to see them grow up. Now they are in their 20’s and I’m still doing well, and life is wonderful. Don’t ever lose hope! Hang in there. You’ll be in my prayers.