Fly like an eagle

This illness business is tricky. I need help…I ask for help…I get help…I feel blessed and guilty for needing it. I really am so lucky to have such amazing people around me and being so incredibly supportive. Thank you to those who have gotten stars..or who are planning to. Thank you to Becky Vomit, Dave Glass, Jenny Balls, Amanda & Vinny, and everyone who is planning or participating in a benefit for my family. You are all so wonderful. More information about the benefits will be coming soon.

In the mean time Kelly, my loving husband and artist, has designed a cool T shirt that will be for sale at all the benefits. This is the first in a series ( collect them all) that we will have available. Other artists have come up with designs so you will see other ones soon. I am really in love with this one. It has my pink nautical star on it! And our dear friend Orion is putting together some other cool things for those in attendance. It’s a secret. If you didn’t want a tattoo a T is always nice. You know you have 100 black t shirts in your what’s one more…and it is really cool. Right now I can’t ship them.  But there are a few of you out- of -staters that I will do my best to get these too. You know who you are!

I am amazed daily by God’s goodness. Thank you everyone who reads this and actually cares what is happening to me and my children and my husband. It is hard to go through all this with the support…I can not imagine what would happen if I didn’

6 Responses to “Fly like an eagle”

  1. leah says:

    wow the shirts are cool! it will go great with my star!

  2. Andrea says:

    I love you Leah! It will look great on you babe!

  3. Fudd says:

    I want tee shirts. Whens the benefit?

  4. Chaz says:

    Shirts look awesome….I mean the design by itself looked awsome but now that I see it on the shirt it it is awesomer. I’ll catch you later.

  5. Krissie says:

    very cool indeed.

  6. Danette says:

    Please let me know when the shirts are available for shipping, and I’ll hustle them out in SoCal. Also, do y’all have a trust account that people can donate to directly? How can we help?